Match your lips to the perfect clothes

Never underestimate the power of a good lipstick. A good shade on your lips accentuates the glow of your face and also completes the look. You can never have enough shades of lipsticks as a red is never just a red- there is cherry red, deep red, maroon red, berry red and so many more! So instead of limiting yourself to colours, why not have clothes in your wardrobe so every shade of lipstick has a match for itself. This sounds so much fun. Let’s show you some options which we think go well with all those awesome colours in your makeup kit:

  • Bright Red

A shade that every stylish woman possesses, red lipsticks are not easy to carry on every outfit. It looks elegant, fiery and bold. You could try red lips for formal evenings along with a dark, lacy dress. Keep the rest of the face nude with maybe a bit of glitter on the lids and there you are, looking the gorgeous diva you are.

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  • Browns

Browns or burgundy are quintessential colours when you wish to add some drama and intensity to your look. The lighter shades go well with both light and dark clothes, even at day time. But keep the darker browns for night time wear and pair them up with formal jumpsuits or maxis.

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  • Pink

A flirtatious girl with pink lips is someone everyone notices in a room. Wear bright pink lips with floral dresses and tops and it will be you and only you in a gathering. For a semi formal evening too, pink is just fine and may be teamed with a light shade dress to give a fresh and bright vibe.

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  • Coral

Corals are the flavour of the season and one can never go wrong with these lips. They are so full of fun and frolic. Be it in college or a lunch date, coral lips define the latest fashion trend and go well with almost all the shades of clothing.

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Deciding the colour shade is one thing and correct application is another. Lipsticks come in matte, gloss, creamy and even sparkly finishes. Make sure you apply the right one at the right time. Like dark shades on thin lips make them look narrower and big lips in glossy finish may look a little too overbearing. Make sure you compliment the makeup of the rest of the face with your lipstick shade. If you have taken care of these points, you are ready to move it in style.

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